Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Dull space-filler post

There'll be new, interesting posts soon I promise. I'm currently in a hostel in Tel Aviv, waiting to fall asleep so I can go to Haifa tomorrow. I left Sedot Micah this afternoon - can't believe I've spent almost five weeks there already. Marc and I finished another video today, this one documenting his collaboration with the Orot Institute, another organisation working to preserve Jewish Moroccan heritage.

I may be collaborating with Marc on a project to do with the development of knowledge in Jewish Morrocan rabbinics. He has asked me to research the relationship between Harif (an early Talmud-compiler) and Maimonides. I will enjoy doing this if I have time. It's something I'm excited about. Today I finally submitted my PhD application to Nottingham. I hope it's OK. I had a hard time rewriting it after receiving Prof Goodchild's recommendations. But I think I managed to focus it a little more and bring out its relevance and key areas. It took me a while to press the submit button. I'm immensely looking forward to starting research in earnest though.

I'm sad to have left Sedot Micah, as it's such a great place and all the people I've met there have been great. However I was feeling restless for the past week, and aware that I needed a change of scene and a bit more freedom to explore. I came to Tel Aviv this afternoon and met my lady friend for a few hours and it was refreshing just to be here not during the Sabbath wind-down. We went to Buddha Burger, a vegan burger bar with a fantastic selection. I wish I'd found this place weeks ago.

Yesterday one of the alsatians who guards the warehouse opposite Marc's escaped. He was running around the village looking worried. While at the shop (the village's one shop - open until 12 noon every day except Sabbath) I saw and called him over. He let me fuss him and then ran away. I like alsatians. Most dogs I can take or leave (though I'm growing more fond of them generally). If things work out with Nottingham I'll think about a canine companion. Ideally I'd like a wolf, because I've heard them described as like a cross between a cat and a dog. A dog but without the obsequious need to please that most dogs have. This reminds me, at Buddha Burger the menu included vegan dog biscuits, which was a really sweet touch.

It's got significantly colder here in the past two weeks. Mornings are particularly cold, requiring at least two layers. Marc's house didn't help - clearly built to keep heat out rather than in. The first day here I berrated myself for bringing so many clothes, but I've been glad of the full range from shorts to bodywarmer. December and January are the coldest months, but I'll be in warmer places so this shouldn't be a problem.

It's weird to think it's only 3 weeks until Christmas. It's invisible here. Funny that my friends are preparing for this event which will pass me by almost unnoticed. Soon (very soon) it will be Hanukhah. I wonder what will happen in Haifa while I'm there.

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